Green Shoot Marketing for Growth

Small Business Marketing Agency

  • Do you have a great product/service but have difficulty in reaching the right audience?
  • Are you struggling to find enough hours in the day to spend time on marketing? 
  • Not sure where to start with digital marketing? 

We provide digital marketing for small businesses. Specialising in the Hair & Beauty, Health & Fitness and Food & Drink sectors.

Hairdressers colouring hair - Hair Salon Digital Marketing
gym guy lifting weights - digital marketing for gyms

The Green Shoot Process

Discovery & Research

We take the time to understand your small business; the brand story, your goals, target audience and competitors. This first step is vital in creating an effective plan to meet your business needs. 

Strategy & Planning

Before launching your marketing plan we create a strategy from information in the discovery & research process. A structured plan means you’re in control of your digital strategy with a clear growth plan.

Implement & Optimise

Once we implement your digital plan the work has only just begun. We test, report, learn and improve your bespoke marketing strategy to ensure maximum ROI for your budget.

Marketing for Small Businesses

Why should I use digital marketing?

Digital marketing continues to overtake traditional media such as TV and print advertising as a preferred marketing channel. It gives small businesses a chance to target the right customers when they are most likely to purchase or book. Digital marketing also provides accurate data so we can ensure your budget is spent effectively.

Who do you work with?

We focus on building small brands in the Hair & Beauty, Health & Fitness and Food & Drink sectors through well planned strategies and targeted methods. We believe that our expertise in these industries and results driven approach will make a huge difference to your brand and help you grow in these competitive sectors. 

Why choose Green Shoot Marketing?

We will only work with you if we feel our digital services can provide a healthy return on your investment. We will schedule an initial discovery call or meeting, to establish your business goals and discuss how we can help you. Our primary goal as a digital marketing agency for small businesses is to help great brands grow.

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