Lady on laptop in coffee shop | Buyer Persona

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Queuing at bar - How to find your target audience
3.5 mins | Services

How To Find Your Target Audience

What Is A Target Audience? Target audience is defined as a particular group which something is aimed at. It could be a film, a new product, food or service. Target audiences have a clear demographic a...
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Lady on laptop in coffee shop | Buyer Persona
4 mins read | Sector,Services

How To Create A Buyer Persona

What Is A Buyer Persona? A buyer persona is a semi-fictional profile of your ideal customer made up from market research, customer data and your knowledge of the industry and your business. In short, ...
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Busy Cafe - Digital Audience
4.5 mins read | Services

Small Business Target Audiences for Digital Marketing 

What Is A Digital Audience? The definition of a digital audience is anyone that is in the digital space. They could be on their emails, on social media, a news platform, browsing a fashion website, bo...
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3 mins read | Email Marketing,SEO,Social Media

Digital Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

Digital Marketing Mistakes  The problem with digital marketing is that there is no secret formula that works for everyone. All small businesses are different and that’s what makes them so interesti...
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3 mins read | SEO,Social Media

5 Creative Digital Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Small Businesses in A Big Digital Landscape It’s easy for small businesses to feel lost in the huge digital marketing landscape. It often seems that huge companies with vast budgets can easily push ...
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ipad with social media tools
4½ mins read | Email Marketing,PPC,SEO,Social Media

How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy  

What is Digital Marketing Strategy? A digital marketing strategy is a series of steps and processes to make the most of your small salon business’ online presence.  It’s a way to plan your br...
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gym goers high-fiving - digital marketing for gyms
5 mins read | Email Marketing,PPC,SEO,Social Media

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses 

How small businesses can benefit and grow with digital marketing. The opportunities for digital marketing are endless and so are the benefits. The internet has changed the landscape of marketing since...
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People enjoying meal out - restaurant digital marketing
2 mins read | Social Media

Should you use social media for your business?

The obvious answer may seem a resounding yes, if you look at the number of us active on social media these days and the reference to social media hashtags all over the TV and radio. However, the answ...
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