5 Creative Digital Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Small Businesses in A Big Digital Landscape

It’s easy for small businesses to feel lost in the huge digital marketing landscape. It often seems that huge companies with vast budgets can easily push in front of your audience and it may feel like you can’t compete with their creative digital marketing ideas, but you can! The beauty of being a small business is that you’re nimble, versatile and able to make decisions quickly. All of these things can help you with the following digital marketing ideas for small businesses. 


Digital Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

  1. Be A Voice For Your Industry

The fact that you own a small business means that you know a thing or two about what you’re doing. You’ve found out what works and what doesn’t and learnt some valuable lessons along the way. People are always craving to learn new things and for experts in industry to help them. You can be that voice. 

Think about partnering with complimentary brands to your industry and get your knowledge out to the masses. If you’re a personal trainer, see if there is a fitness podcast that is looking for their next guest. If you work in food services, share recipes that include your products with other websites. If you work in the hair and beauty industry, target industry bloggers to offer a guest blog.

Make sure that your name, brand, website and social links are always mentioned at the beginning and end of the feature so that people can find out more about you and your business. Just like you, businesses are always looking for ways to generate new and fresh content. Working with other small businesses to share digital marketing ideas can increase social audiences and traffic to your website. 


  1. Create a New Audience With Free Events 

It’s no secret that everyone loves a freebie. But as a small business you don’t want to give precious stock away or take service time away from your current clients. A great way to entice new customers is by giving them a taster of your services at a time to suit you. One night a month why not have an evening where potential clients can come and get a feel for what you have to offer. 

Utilise your premises during quieter times and hold a 45 minute stretch session in your yoga studio. Or perhaps you could have a dessert sampling workshop in your restaurant. If you work in the hair and beauty industry, why not invite people to your salon for a do it yourself styling workshop where they can use your products and purchase on the evening? 

All of these events can be promoted via your digital channels and on platforms such as Eventbrite, where you can promote your free event at no cost. If they are successful then you can make them a regular occurrence and offer small discount vouchers to attendees if they book or return in a month.


  1. Drive traffic to your website via more traditional methods 

Digital marketing for your small business can be as easy as starting your car. If you run a small business then it’s likely you have a mode of transport to get you from A to B. Your car or van is seen by hundreds, if not thousands of people everyday, especially in London. Use it as free advertising space to drive traffic to your website or social channels. Having vinyl wraps applied or magnetic strips are a great way to do this. 

Other ways to make the most of offline advertising for your website include customised t-shirts, bags, water bottles or umbrellas. Include your brand name, logo and website as a way to drive traffic to your digital channels. Get creative with designs and colours to catch people’s attention and stand out.


  1. Competitions

A digital marketing idea to expand your social presence quickly is by running competitions. This is a chance to reward your current following while increasing your audience through word of mouth. Get your followers to tag their favourite person for a free yoga session or meal at your restaurant. 

This digital marketing activity comes at minimal effort and cost to you but your following will be determined to share your post for the chance of a freebie. 

Competitions can also become part of your paid marketing strategy. Find out more on our Social Media services page


  1. User Generated Content 

The final digital marketing idea for small businesses is to make the most of your followers. Create more talking points and content by encouraging user generated content. Ask your customers to tag you in posts, insta stories and tweets. Not only will they be promoting your brand to all of their followers but by tagging you, you will be notified as soon as it happens. This means you can share the post and promote your business in real time.


We hope that these marketing ideas for small businesses have given you some inspiration for your digital marketing strategy. There are many digital marketing ideas for small business that can be achieved with a little effort and at minimal costs. Experiment with which digital marketing ideas work for your small business and build on that. 

If you would like more information on how Green Shoot Marketing can help your small business grow with digital marketing. Our services pages have information for small businesses in the hair & beauty, health & fitness and food & drink sectors.