Digital Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

Digital Marketing Mistakes 

The problem with digital marketing is that there is no secret formula that works for everyone. All small businesses are different and that’s what makes them so interesting. How a restaurant markets themselves will be different from how a gym promotes itself. While they both have premises and are looking for bookings, if they followed the same strategy then they would get very different results. 

Small businesses can make costly digital marketing mistakes when trying new digital channels for the first time. Green Shoot Marketing gives a personalised service to guide small businesses in finding the best strategy for each individual business. Below we share the most common digital marketing mistakes we see and how to avoid them.


  1. The Wrong Audience

Finding an engaged audience is one of the challenging and important aspects of digital marketing. With so many people out there it’s tempting to cast your net far and wide in the hope that someone will click and visit your website. This is the wrong approach. If you haven’t targeted properly you will be paying for clicks that won’t lead to conversions and exposure to people that are not looking for your service. 

Our advice is to start by building buyer personas to get a picture of what your customer looks like and what they do. Also, think about your sales funnel, ‘cold’ customers need different marketing to those that have already visited your website or those that have previously purchased from you. 


  1. Social Marketing Mistakes 

Social media marketing is an inexpensive way to get your small business message in front of a large potential audience and helps to start a community around your brand. 

As there are many social platforms to choose from, many small businesses try to be present on everything and often it leads to bad targeting and wasted time. Choose one or two platforms where your target audience is active and build a content plan to engage with them.

Another social media mistake is dealing with negative feedback. Unfortunately, it may be the case that someone is not happy with your service and wants to address it publicly. Don’t ignore it or start an argument on your page. The best thing to do is to reply to the comment straight away and ask the person to contact you directly so that you can deal with the problem effectively. 

The final social media marketing mistake that occurs often is that businesses only talk about themselves and their offerings. Followers will soon get bored if they keep seeing the same post about your latest promotion. Instead, create content that is interesting for your industry, and both educational or inspirational. Make sure that you respond to comments that followers leave and respond promptly to messages. Offer advice and support to build your community so that when you do post some sales content they will be more likely to engage. 


  1. Email Marketing Mistakes

Email addresses are one of the most valuable assets in the digital world. A customer or potential customer is interested in your business that they have chosen to give you access to their inbox. 

A big email marketing mistake that small businesses make here is that they treat all of these email addresses the same. Some may be a current customer, some may have visited the website and some may have entered a competition. This means that they are all in different stages of the sales funnel and should all be treated differently. The main email marketing mistake that small businesses make is that blankets emails are sent to the whole database. While this information will be valid for some recipients. It won’t be engaging to all and that’s why segmentation is so important.

Segmentation allows you to split your customer base into different groups so that you can target them accordingly. Someone who has just subscribed to your newsletter will require a different message to someone who has just purchased on your website and your email strategy should reflect this.

Green Shoot Marketing are happy to help you with your email marketing strategy and can assist with email calendars, segmentation, abandoned carts and much more. Visit our Email Marketing page for more information. 


  1. Content Marketing Mistakes 

One of the key drivers for digital marketing is creating content. It is great for SEO, increases leads and gives the opportunity for link building to increase your online authority. Blogs and articles that you creat to be posted on your website should give valuable information to your customers which in turns give your business credibility in your industry. 

Content marketing mistakes by small businesses include not researching what your readers want to know. You might have some ideas for amazing blogs but does anyone want to read it? Research your customer interests, look at the most common questions they ask or use tools such as Google Trends to see if what you want to write about will be attractive to readers. 

Another content marketing mistake is not having a call to action (CTA) on your blog. A visitor has taken the time to visit your page and read your content. Continue their journey and increase the chance of conversion by leading them to the start of the sales process.

The final content marketing mistake we will discuss is trying to be everything to everyone. You’re a small business, you’re an expert in your particular field, build on that. Focus on your strengths and share your knowledge in one area to build a loyal audience.

We use industry software to make sure that content is relevant, engaging and optimised for SEO. Explore the Green Shoot SEO service page to find out how we can help your small business grow. 


  1. Reporting Mistakes 

You’ve gone through all the effort of creating a strategy, writing blogs, sending emails, posting images, bidding on search terms and publishing content, but have you checked if anything is working? One of the biggest digital marketing mistakes small businesses make is that they don’t track their results. 

If you don’t review your marketing efforts then you won’t know which channels work best for your business, which content is most engaging or which emails are opened the most. Finding out what your customers like means that you can focus more attention on building on the positive. Rather than wasting time, money and effort on marketing activities that may not be achieving results.

There are many platforms that can help you with reporting. The most common are Google Analytics and Facebook Insights. These platforms offer huge amounts of data so it’s important to decide which key performance indicators (KPIs) are valuable to your business and check on these regularly. Especially for new campaigns.

Green Shoot Marketing provide detailed monthly reports and summaries for all our digital marketing services. We report, give insights and offer suggestions on what to do next to improve your digital performance further. Explore our Pricing page to find out which digital marketing package is right for you.