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Email Marketing Solutions for Small Business

Email marketing is a fantastic digital tool to tell your story and promote your services at each stage of the sales funnel. Email marketing tools allow your small business to be much more targeted to your newsletter database that you’ve worked so hard to get. It’s a great opportunity to stay in touch with your customers and give a personalised service. 

We will tailor our email marketing service to your needs and goals. From wellbeing newsletter templates to gym newsletter examples and abandoned cart emails, Green Shoot Marketing can help small businesses with newsletters ideas, creation and open and click through rates to increase your conversions. The email marketing service includes:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Customer Journey Communications
  • Email Design 
  • Segmentation & Targeting 
  • Testing & Optimisation 
  • Review & Reporting
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Email marketing is a valuable tool to speak directly with those interested in your business. It’s important to think carefully about your message and how you can add value to your customers experience. 

Case Study | Mojo Studios

As a yoga, pilates and fitness studio with hundreds of current and previous customers email is a powerful tool for Mojo. We segment the customer base into different audiences so we only send them emails which are of most interest to them. For instance mum & baby reformer class attendees receive content on mother & baby health as opposed to the personal training clients who get different exercises they can do between sessions.

We also planned email campaigns for customers who perhaps haven’t visited the studio for a while, we can tailor messages and ‘returner’ discounts to these subscribers to encourage them to come back for a class. Email can also be used to encourage customers to refer-a-friend or purchase gift cards if they’re regular, happy customers.

Key considerations when using email to market your small business are;

  • Email data is extremely valuable to a business and it’s vital to treat the emails within your database as customers that you don’t want to lose.
  • People within your database will have different connections to your brand such as what they have bought from you, their location and interests. Segmenting your audience to target these groups will help with click throughs and conversions.
  • First impressions count for a lot, the subject line is one of the most important parts of the email and should be enticing. A/B testing is a great tool to make sure you are making an impact straight away.
  • You should be constantly learning from your past email with reporting. Review opens, click throughs and conversions to improve your email.
  • An easy way to stay connected with a customer is through email automation. Plan and schedule emails throughout the journey to improve customer service. 
  • Consider your business marketing plan when using email. An email calendar can be helpful to make sure that your communications are aligned with the overall brand message.

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