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Food & Drink Digital Marketing

One of the highlights for many living in London is a vast selection of bars and restaurants available. The amount of people spending a morning with a delicious coffee and croissants or an evening during the week at a restaurant with friends is a huge opportunity for new business. But with so many bars and restaurants to choose from, how do you become the first choice?

The key to digital marketing in the Food & Drink industry is word of mouth. Chances are that unless people speak highly of an establishment, it’s doubtful others will visit. This is why reviews are so important for your bar, restaurant or coffee shop. There is no need to rely on that critic (although it helps) when you can create an online community to champion your menu and service.

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Digital Marketing for Bars

There’s no doubt word of mouth and referrals are still the best way to welcome new customers to your bar. However this is unpredictable and difficult to grow a business from. That’s where digital marketing can help by driving new customers who may not have otherwise heard of you to come down with their friends and reserve a table.

SEO and PPC can help your bar show up in search results for terms such as ‘classy cocktail bar in Southbank’ or ‘sports bar in Clapham’. Particularly if you don’t have a high foot-fall location this can be a great way to drive new customers. Then by using social media and email marketing you can build up a community of loyal fans and followers so you can entice them down for your next big event or happy hour.

Digital Marketing in Food & Drink


As a restaurant owner, you can update your customers with new menus and events through email marketing. The best restaurant emails uses beautiful imagery and press or reviews to encourage click throughs and bookings. 

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Coffee Shops

Coffee is one of the most popular images on Instagram so why isn’t your coffee shop on social media? Creating a geo targeted marketing campaign with images from your menu and shop or cafe will entice nearby customers. 

Digital marketing for coffee shops


Promoting your bar on social media all depends on the assets that you have available. Fun and exciting imagery are essential for your marketing campaigns as is the ability for customers to check in and leave reviews. 

3 cocktails - digital marketing for cocktail bars

Food Products

Publishing photos of food on social media is relevant to everyone so why not showcase your delicious products to the world? Food social media campaigns are a great way to easily increase your audience and can drive online sales. 

Restaurant Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing for Restaurants

We can help you establish and implement a digital marketing strategy for your bar or restaurant to increase your brand awareness, encourage five star reviews and improve your footfall. So next time someone is in your area looking for a drink or bite to eat, they’ll be heading straight to your door.

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