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Health & Fitness Digital Marketing

The world of social media has changed the digital fitness market. Aspirational posts, bloggers and fashion trends have taken the health and fitness industry from people feeling forced to go to the gym three times a week to something they make time for and look forward to, and your business helps them achieve this.

The problem? Not enough people can find your gym, fitness studio or yoga class online. You’re so busy organising and leading classes, spending time with clients and dealing with general admin that you don’t have time to spread the word through your social and digital channels. Creating successful content marketing campaigns takes more planning than you thought and it’s difficult to be ahead of the game when you have so much to do.

Lady smiling on gym mat - Digital marketing for gyms

Case Study | Rest & Be

We’ve used paid social media campaigns, primarily on Facebook to target specific audiences who may be interested in Rest & Be’s guided meditations. As there are different categories of meditations available such as for stress, pregnancy and sleep, Facebook’s audience targeting options are perfect for this client. As we can target users by location, gender, age and interests we can reach users we know have the best chance of converting, maximising the client’s budget.

By setting up multiple campaigns and testing different ad creatives and ad copy we’ve seen conversions for free trial subscribers increase by 40%. We also use the retargeting capabilities available through social media platforms which allow us to target users who have signed up for the free trial but not yet gone on to become paid subscribers. By personalising ads to this audience we managed to increase trial to paid subscribers by almost 20%.

Digital Marketing in Health & Fitness


Gym popularity has increased in recent years but so has the competition. Build an online fitness community with social media marketing using aspirational imagery, videos and geo-targeting to gain new followers and increase gym memberships.

gym guy lifting weights - digital marketing for gyms

Yoga/Pilates Studios

Word of mouth marketing is one of the biggest drivers for Yoga and Pilates studios and what better platform to generate word of mouth than with reviews? Whether on Google or on social, reviews can help you generate new business. 

Yoga  digital marketing for yoga studios


Well-being is such a broad subject that it’s easy to get lost among the noise. Topic clusters are a great SEO method to give informative content to your audience, increase credibility by talking in depth about a subject and boosting search engine rankings.

Digital marketing for gyms

Sports Clubs

With so many facilities available in a sports club, PPC advertising is the perfect way to get specific about what you offer. Keyword bidding on multiple phrases specific to your facilities will help bring your spend down while keeping your audience targeted.

Yoga  digital marketing for yoga studios

Digital Marketing for Gyms

Green Shoot Marketing can help with clear content and social planning to help educate your clients and guide them towards their fitness and wellbeing goals. We can also organise targeted advertising to make sure we’re reaching the right people in the right areas.

Yoga  digital marketing for yoga studios

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