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PPC for Small Business Owners

Pay Per Click (PPC) can often be a daunting project for small business owners. There are many factors to consider when creating an advert, and deciding on an optimal budget along with bid adjustments can feel like a gamble. Fortunately, PPC is a digital marketing tool where the ROI can be instant. To maximise the potential of this digital marketing tool we create detailed strategies to make the most of your PPC budget and increase conversions. Green Shoot PPC services include:

  • Competitor and Keyword Research
  • Location Targeting 
  • Advert Copy, Retargeting and Display Advertising Creation
  • Bidding Strategies and Bid Adjustments 
  • Account Reviews and Optimisation
  • Clear Reporting and Suggestions
barber cutting hair - digital marketing for barbers

If managed correctly PPC via Google Ads can be a highly profitable way of driving highly relevant traffic with a clear intent to take action to your site.

Cutters Yard - Google ads for barber shops

Case Study | Cutters Yard Aveda Men

We’ve been running Cutters Yard PPC campaigns via Google Ads for over 2 years. As a fast paced barber shop with 2 locations and expanding it’s crucial Google Ads is driving traffic to the site that converts into bookings. We’ve built and optimised campaigns that consistently deliver an excellent return on investment. We’ve also built campaigns to drive bookings during traditionally quieter periods.

This has led to the growth of the brand and reaching optimum capacity during peak times and a significant increase in off-peak trade. We continue to optimise their campaigns and take advantage of the latest updates to Google Ads to ensure Cutters Yard lead the way in their Google Ads campaigns. We provide regular reports with accurate tracking data such as phone calls and bookings so we can prove to the client the exact return their spend has and as such can increase budgets as we know it will deliver results.

Key considerations when using Google Ads to market your small business are;

  • The research and preparation work is crucial to your PPC campaign success, don’t rush it
  • You should have one clear call-to-action (CTA) in each of your ads and ensure it’s relevant to the ad copy
  • It’s good practice to test multiple ads so you can see which ones perform better and adjust
  • Ensure you include ad extensions in your campaigns so you take up as much space on the search results page


  • Use bid adjustments on demographics and locations to ensure you’re reaching the right people at the best time
  • Your landing pages are vital for best performance, good traffic can be lost with a poor landing page experience
  • Consider retargeting campaigns to maximise your original spend and woo customers back
  • If it’s working don’t just leave it, Google Ads campaigns need to be regularly reviewed and updates

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