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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for small businesses can be an incredibly powerful digital tool. As a small business owner, your flexibility, creativity and nimbleness can be a huge strength to make SEO a highly profitable channel. There can be some great benefits of SEO for small businesses but it does take time to create a plan and see the results to get to the magic first page of Google.

We can guide you through the SEO process by providing a comprehensive strategy which includes the following services to implement a bespoke SEO plan:

  • SEO Site Audit and Improvements 
  • Competitor, Analytic & Keyword Research
  • Link Building Strategies
  • Content Planning 
  • Conversion Strategy
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“Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about partnering with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.” – Phil Frost

Blue Tit London - SEO for Hair Salons

Case Study | Blue Tit London

We have worked with Blue Tit London for more than 2 years on their SEO. Helping the business grow from 3 salons across London to 10 and expanding. As always we started with an audit of their existing website. We identified several fixes and set about implementing these to ensure we had a good foundation of technical SEO (a fast website that Google can easily index etc). We then conducted our keyword and competitor research process to work on the on-page tasks of SEO helping Google pick-up the site for relevant keywords.

Working in partnership with their PR agency we set about a content and link building strategy to drive inbound links from high authority sites. With all this work we dominated the local search results for each salon and picked up additional traffic from hair related queries and wider search locations. This in turn led to increase of organic search traffic of over 140% over 2 years and we continue to improve and build on their search traffic. Crucially this traffic converts extremely well so we can prove a strong return on investment for the client.

Key considerations when using SEO to market your small business are;

  • It takes time, and even we can’t accurately predict how long, but we’re talking months instead of weeks just to give you an initial idea. However, if you do things properly, are patient and trust in what you’re doing SEO can deliver fantastic results for your business.
  • You can’t stop/start with SEO, it is an on-going practice which develops over time and needs maintaining once you begin to see results.
  • SEO is a constantly changing environment, you need to be up to date with the latest SEO practices, ranking factors and industry information. If not, your SEO efforts could be in vain as the game changes so often in SEO.
  • You will almost always need to be creating new content on a regular basis, whether a blog, guest posts or instructional videos.
  • Beware of bad practice, fortunately the SEO industry has been cleaning itself up over the past few years but many services still exist where they promise to increase your rankings in no time at all and get you 000’s of links overnight. Even if you get your way around the system in the short term, once you get found out your site will be highly penalised making it very difficult to recover.
  • Much like anything else worth doing, do it right or don’t bother at all.

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