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Social Media for Small Business

It’s most likely that of all the digital marketing services we offer, you will be most familiar with social media. Your small business needs social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to connect with your customer base and people interested in your brand. However, without a social marketing plan it’s unlikely that you are growing your audience and promoting your services to potential new clients. 

We can help increase your brand awareness and expand your reach with our paid and organic social strategy services:

  • Content Calendar, Post Creation and Scheduling
  • Engagement and Partnerships
  • Competitor Research
  • Paid Campaign Calendar 
  • Campaign Creation and Targeting 
  • Social Reporting and Adjustments
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There are many opportunities for social marketing depending on your business goals. If planned correctly, social marketing is a great tool to build audiences, traffic and conversions

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Case Study | Rest & Be

We’ve used paid social media campaigns, primarily on Facebook to target specific audiences who may be interested in Rest & Be’s guided meditations. As there are different categories of meditations available such as for stress, pregnancy and sleep, Facebook’s audience targeting options are perfect for this client. As we can target users by location, gender, age and interests we can reach users we know have the best chance of converting, maximising the client’s budget.

By setting up multiple campaigns and testing different ad creatives and ad copy we’ve seen conversions for free trial subscribers increase by 40%. We also use the retargeting capabilities available through social media platforms which allow us to target users who have signed up for the free trial but not yet gone on to become paid subscribers. By personalising ads to this audience we managed to increase trial to paid subscribers by almost 20%.

Key considerations when using social media to market your small business are;

  • It’s important to make sure you have images and video that represent your brand. Social media is a very visual experience and so you want to grab people’s attention quickly. 
  • Visuals are your strength for social marketing so keep text to a minimum.
  • Think about what you want someone to do when they see your advert. The call to action is very important to make sure they are directed to the right part of the brand. 
  • Social platforms are a fantastic way to connect with your followers on a personal level. Replying to comments and answering questions will help build trust.
  • Think about your audience when using social media. Different platforms attract different kinds of audiences. 
  • Once a social marketing campaign has launched its vital to check, test and optimise to make sure you are getting the best results possible. 
  • When targeting your audience for a social marketing campaign. Think about their likes and interests, this will help with building an audience.
  • Consider encouraging your followers to share content about your brand. User generated content is becoming more popular to build an audience and increase credibility. 

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